This site – TaxidermyGuide.com was created with the goal of helping people understand, create and appreciate how taxidermy is made. I’ve been a taxidermy enthusiast for years and thought it would be useful to share the knowledge of taxidermy with the rest of the world through a website.

Whilst this site provides several free articles about taxidermy. If you’re looking for the real quality stuff then you should check out the book I offer.

It’s called Taxidermy Made Easy and it’s a complete how to resource that covers everything you need to know about taxidermy. First all the basics get covered, so even if you’re a total newbie you can learn what to do – step by step. Then it goes into the more advanced topics that even experienced taxidermists will find a challenge. So no matter what your skill level, it’s covered in the book.

To find out more about this book check out Taxidermy Made Easy by clicking here.

Alternatively if you have any further questions about the book then check the FAQ for answers or you can contact me here.